Headington Headlines #376

A little later than usual and with a strong educational slant, here is your weekly round-up of local news for 9 – 15 July .

The head teacher for the Swan School has been appointed despite the school not yet having planning permission. She is Kay Wood, currently vice principal of teaching and learning at The City Academy in Hackney. The planning application for the school won’t now be considered by the City Council before September at the earliest.

The Marston underpass mural by pupils and friends of St Nicholas Primary was finished this week. These pictures were taken during the final few days.

Mural painting in progress
Mural painting in progress
Marston underpass mural
Marston underpass mural

The Triangle Nursery, Oxford University’s nursery on the Old Road Campus, was awarded a 5-star rating (the highest) in a recent food hygiene inspection.

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Headington Headlines #375

Your weekly round-up of local news for 2 – 8 July .

Andrew Gilligan’s report on cycling in Oxford, Cambridge and Milton Keynes has been published. Gilligan is Cycling Commissioner for London; the report was commissioned by the National Infrastructure Commission.  It catalogues the failings of cycling provision in Oxford – there is nothing that Oxford’s cycling campaigners have not been saying for years. It proposes spending about £150m on improvements, many of them in the Eastern Arc including Headington. The full report “Running out of Road” is here: I suggest reading the Introduction and Chapters 2 and 3 to get the picture of what he suggests for Oxford.

The locally unpopular Swan school has been a topic of debate on the e-democracy forum. It’s worth reading  the most recent posts (scroll down).

St Nicholas School and friends have started work painting new murals on the walls of the Marston underpass. They hope to finish this week.

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Headington Headlines #374

Your weekly round-up of local news for 25 June – 1 July .

The full list of candidates for the Headington Ward by-election on 19 July has been published. The candidates are:

  • Stef Garden (LibDem)
  • Georgina Gibbs (Con)
  • Ray Hitchins (Green)
  • Simon Ottino (Lab)

The local free magazine Headington Monthly is changing ownership. Nick Alnatt has handed over to Steven Pilcher; Steven has been working with Nick on the magazine for a while.

The Green Road closure for sewer repairs which had made access to and from Risinghurst difficult was lifted on Thursday.

The new @Oxford_PickMeUp bus-on-demand service is up and running in the Eastern Arc of Oxford. @ianpinnell tried it and gives it the thumbs up – here’s his review.

There was a burglary at Finders Keepers on London Road on Tuesday. Two people got in through an insecure back door at 4.30pm and stole two handbags. The got away in a black Peugeot 206 which was parked on Old High Street. Police are appealing for witnesses and information.

People who use the park and playground at the bottom of Sandfield Road are upset about the number of cigarette butts dropped inside the park gates which lead from the grounds of the JR. It seems the warm dry weather is encouraging more smokers to get out into the open for a cigarette break.

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