Access to Headington – Headley Way latest

At the exhibition of the Headley Way Access to Headington plans on Thursday it was confirmed that work will start at the bottom of the hill on Monday 22 January. This part will last three weeks while they take out the roundabouts. Traffic lights will control the traffic.

Immediately after, on 19 February, work will start at the JR entrance. This will also last three weeks with traffic light control. Once these two jobs are finished, which should be by Sunday 11 March, work will switch to the main parts of the road. Work will be done in a similar way to The Slade with narrow lanes and two-way working most of the time.

During the first six weeks there is bound to be bad congestion. There has already been publicity of the JR advising people to allow two hours to reach the hospital and find a parking space, and the bus companies have issued similar warnings about delays to services using Headley Way. After six weeks things should get easier. The work is scheduled to take nine months, which brings it to some time in October.