Headington Ward By-election Results

Here are the results of the by-election in Headington Ward following the resignation of LibDem Councillor Ruth Wilkinson.

Headington Ward by-election results
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Anyone anticipating a surprise will be disappointed. Although turnout was  a little lower than in May (36.6% compared with 42.4%) the parties’ shares of the vote were almost identical, although the Conservative’s Georgina Gibbs did manage to take a 2% share off the Green’s non-campaigning paper candidate Ray Hitchins. A strong case of déja vu!

City Elections – May 2018 results in OX3

Here are the results of the elections to the Wards in OX3 in the City Council elections held on 3 May 2018. Click the tables to see them in full size. Overall there was little change apart from the LibDem’s Roz Smith winning Quarry & Risinghurst from Labour’s Dee Sinclair.

The full results for the City are on the City Council’s website.

No UKIP this year; their 2016 vote seems to have gone mostly, and unsurprisingly, to the Conservatives, allowing Tim Patmore to squeeze perennial Independent candidate Chaka Artwell into third place.

Echoing results elsewhere in the City the Conservatives and LibDems made small gains in their share of the vote at the expense of the Greens, but the result in this Labour stronghold was never in doubt.

Talking of strongholds, no surprise that Altaf-Khan was re-elected for the LibDems. Both he and Labour’s Simon Ottino increased their share of the vote slightly at the expense of the paper candidates standing for the Conservatives and Greens.

Joe McManners returns to the Council in this safe Labour seat after standing down from Churchill Ward in 2013. In a significant swing the Conservative share of the vote dropped from 30.1% in 2016 to only 18.5% this year, pushing them down to third place. The LibDems were the gainers, up from 10.7% in 2016 to 21.8% and second place this time round.

The 2016 election in Marston was a curious one, with two Independents standing and one of them (Mick Haines) sweeping the board with close to 50% of the vote to push Labour into second place with 35%. In this year’s more conventional roster Mary Clarkson was re-elected for Labour with a very similar share of the vote to when she last stood in 2014.

We are used to Quarry & Risinghurst being the closest run of the local wards. A 6% swing to the LibDems was just enough to see Roz Smith elected and Dee Sinclair (Lab) ousted. Whether the increased LibDem vote here and in Headington Hill & Northway was anything to do with Brexit is anyone’s guess. We’d need to know why it affected these two wards and apparently not the others.


City Elections 2018 – OX3 Candidates

Here are the candidates standing in the six OX3 wards in the City elections. Polling day is Thursday 3 May. Current councillors standing for re-election are marked with an asterisk *.

We can expect few if any surprises. The main unknown is how much of a swing to the LibDems there will be as a pro-remain vote, but of the five seats held by Labour only Quarry & Risinghurst seems possibly vulnerable. Here in 2016 Chewe Munkonge’s margin over LibDem Roz Smith was only 140 votes (6.1 percentage points). City Council Leader Susan Brown’s seat for Labour in Churchill looks secure; Labour’s Mark Lygo got almost  68% of the votes in 2016, and Susan Brown’s own share in 2014 was over 52%.


Chaka Artwell
Jemma Hayward
Symon Hill
Tim Patmore
Martyn Rush

Mike Rowley (Lab) is the other Councillor in this Ward
Mark Ladbrooke (Lab), elected May 2017, is not standing for re-election


* Susan Brown
Peter Coggins
William Vowell
Jake Whittingham

Mark Lygo (Lab) is the other Councillor in this Ward


* Mohammed Altaf-Khan
Ray Hitchins
Isa Mohammed
Simon Ottino

Ruth Wilkinson (LibDem) is the other Councillor in this Ward


Guy Garden
Georgina Gibbs
Joe McManners
Kate Robinson

Nigel Chapman (Lab) is the other Councillor in this Ward
Anwar Farida (Lab) is not standing for re-election


Mark Bhagwandin
Maria Bourbon
* Mary Clarkson
Alistair Morris

Mick Haines (Ind) is the other Councillor in this Ward


Alex Mackenzie Smith
* Dee Sinclair
Roz Smith
Liz Taylor

Chewe Munkonge (Lab) is the other Councillor in this Ward