Headington Transport Forum

Riding the wave of enthusiasm for local action groups Headington Action @HeadingtonA organised an open meeting last night (Thursday) to discuss forming a group which would bring together a number of interested individuals and organisations to develop an integrated transport strategy for Headington.

About 18 people attended with representatives from @cyclox, @HeadingtonA, the local Car Club (car-sharing), Headington Cycling Group, Friends of Old Headington and other residents’ groups as well as individuals with particular concerns and interests. Patrick Coulter (Headington Action) chaired the meeting. He explained how he thought a Transport group could fit in with the Neighbourhood Plan process started earlier in the week. Everyone agreed that a joined-up approach to Headington’s transport problems was urgently needed, and equally there was little sign that either the County or the City Councils were likely to deliver an integrated plan without strong input from local residents, businesses, employers and transport operators.

There was some discussion about terms of reference for the group and it was agreed to meet again on Friday 22 March when it was hoped to make progress on formalising the group and its objectives.

I will link to the notes of the meeting when they’re available.