Barton & Sandhills City By-election 2017 Result

Here is the result of the by-election in the city ward of Barton & Risinghurst held on 4 May 2017 following the death of the previous holder, Cllr Van Coulter.

Election results
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Newcomer Mark Ladbrooke’s share of the vote held up well considering Van Coulter had a good record as a local councillor and a strong personal following. The absence of UKIP this time round affected the figures. It’s not possible to say with any certainty but on the surface it looks as if the bulk of the UKIP vote in 2016 went to the Conservatives, with the LibDems picking up small percentages from everyone but the Greens.

Barton & Sandhills by-election 4 May 2017

Following the death of Councillor Van Coulter, here are the candidates standing in the by-election in Barton & Sandhills Ward on 4 May 2017.

You’ll notice that three of the five candidates, Steve Wheeler, Symon Hill and Chaka Artwell, are also standing as candidates in the Barton, Sandhills & Risinghurst Division in the County elections on the same day.

City by-election

Peter Saville Con
Symon Hill Green
Chaka Artwell Ind
Mark Ladbrooke Lab
Steve Wheeler Lib Dem

The official list of candidates is here.

City Elections 2016 – no surprises in OX3

Here are the results of the City Council elections held on 5 May 2016 for the six wards in OX3. Five returned the sitting candidate, and in Headington Hill & Northway Nigel Chapman held the seat for Labour, replacing Roy Darke who announced his retirement before the election.


Mike Rowley got two thirds of the vote in 2012 in a straight 4-way contest. In 2014 UKIP put in a strong showing and came second. This year the UKIP vote collapsed and second place surprisingly (to me) went to serial Independent candidate Chaka Artwell.


Mark Lygo’s share of the vote held up well, and with no UKIP candidate to take second place as happened in 2014 the other parties trailed well behind.


Ruth Wilkinson’s strong personal vote in Headington Ward ensured she not only held her seat but increased her share of the vote from four years ago at the expense of Labour’s little-known candidate.


With Roy Darke standing down Labour’s vote might have suffered, but new councillor Nigel Chapman’s 51% share is on a par with their performance in the last two elections. The Conservatives came second as they did in 2014 and 2012. Mark Bhagwandin doesn’t seem to have profited from aligning himself with the protesters against the Barton link road and the City Council’s tower-block charges.


In a result very similar to his 2012 victory Mick Haines proved he isn’t a one-election wonder, and can continue campaigning as Oxford’s only Independent councillor.


Another familiar story in Quarry & Risinghurst with Labour taking the seat and LibDem Roz Smith coming a strong second.

City Elections May 2016 – OX3 Candidates

Here are the candidates standing in the 6 city wards within the OX3 area. Current councillors standing for re-election are highlighted. The elections are on 5 May.

Barton & Sandhills

Name Party twitter
ARTWELL Independent
Timothy Stephen HAMER Con
Barbara Leslie MALLINDER LibDem
Mike ROWLEY Lab & Co-op @redmikerowley


Name Party twitter
Peter Charles COGGINS LibDem
Mark LYGO Lab  @MarkLygo
Kevin Nichols MCGLYNN Green
Allan John SELWAY Con


Name Party twitter
Ann Alice DUNCAN Green  @Ann4Oxfordeast
Anthony Ian GEARING Con
Marco PONTECORVI Lab @DrPontecorvi
Ruth Elaine WILKINSON LibDem @RuthWilk

Headington Hill & Northway

Name Party twitter
Mark BHAGWANDIN Con @markb_gt
Maria BOURBON LibDem
Nigel CHAPMAN Lab @Nigel_Chapman_
Oliver James FAIREY Green

Labour Councillor Roy Darke is standing down and not seeking re-election.


Name Party twitter
Mick HAINES [Independent]*
Charlie HAYNES Independent
Alasdair James MURRAY LibDem @alasdairjmurray
Tim PATMORE Con @Tim_Patmore
Miranda SHAW Green @misiss25
Nick WALKER Lab @satellite_nick

* The official document is blank, but Mick Haines is currently an Independent councillor.

Quarry & Risinghurst

Name Party twitter
Bill CLARE Con
Chewe Edgar MUNKONGE Lab @CheweMunkonge
Roz SMITH LibDem @RosalindRogers
Liz TAYLOR Green

Quarry & Risinghurst by-election results

The results of the by-election for the City Ward of Quarry & Risinghurst held on Thursday 18 September are as follows:


Name Party Votes Notes
Julia Gasper English Democrats 43
Katherine Harborne Con 222
Chewe Munkonge Lab 782 Elected – Lab hold
Roz Smith LibDem 615
Liz Taylor Green 186

Turnout was 38%.

Sour Grapes – the Carfax Ward By-election

I got involved in a twitter discussion last night in connection with the Carfax ward by-election in Oxford. The Labour candidate won but the turnout of 8.6% was extremely low. Carfax is a city-centre ward which has a high proportion of students who, of course, are still on holiday, so turnout was always going to be low. In the same ward in May this year turnout was 36%. The by-election came about through the resignation of the incumbent Labour councillor.

The discussion arose out of my reaction to comments by some LibDem supporters who took the opportunity to criticise Labour for calling the election at a time when the students were away. This theme had started some weeks earlier when the election was called. Noting that the two citizens needed to call an election were both Labour and both not resident in the ward, LibDems cried ‘foul’ and accused Labour of deliberately choosing their timing so that the student vote would be absent.

Whether or not this was a deliberate tactic by Labour I don’t know. I’m inclined to think it was just the way it happened rather than some devious plan, but I have no inside knowledge one way or the other. It did though leave me with a feeling that the LibDems were trying to score political points over process rather than policies.

When the same line was repeated as yesterday’s result was announced it seemed to me rather ungracious of the defeated Libdem candidate and others to respond by returning to the finger-pointing at Labour, an attitude I described as ‘sour grapes’. The discussion that followed conflated the low turnout and the timing of the election, with LibDems placing the blame squarely on Labour. One supporter actually said the result was ‘unfair’, later clarified to mean not illegal, just not fair. I was told that ‘democracy’ is important to LibDems, and they felt a significant part of the electorate had been disenfranchised by Labour’s actions.

I don’t belong to any political party, though those who know me probably have a fair idea of my political sympathies. Here on the blog and on twitter I try to be even-handed and balanced, though sometimes I can’t quite manage to hold the line. Like many others I am concerned about the general disillusionment with party politics felt by so many people, the feeling that there’s no point in voting, that politics and politicians exist in a bubble of their own disconnected from the great majority of people. Turnouts everywhere are worryingly low. Politicians agonise about how they can better engage the electorate. I felt that the tweets I was seeing last night from LibDem supporters could only add to the disenchantment – it was accusatory point-scoring over an issue which was in the past, and with no evidence that I as a member of the public have seen to support the claim that it was a Machiavellian Labour scheme to disenfranchise voters.

To me the final irony is that if the student voters had been in residence the LibDems would probably have come out of the election worse in percentage terms than they did. If Labour really had wanted to give their opponents a drubbing they would have waited another month. Unless of course Labour were not worried about the Libdems at all but were worried about the Green student vote: the Greens ousted the Libdem candidate in the same ward in May this year. But I didn’t see any Greens complaining. So come on, LibDems, get over it and turn your energies to more important concerns.