Chaka Artwell (Independent)

My name is Artwell. I am standing as a candidate in the Oxford East Parliamentary elections. The reason I am standing is to air issues which I do not believe receive the attention they ought. I am demanding:

  • All those hurt, made homeless or stateless by English Bombs or our support for WAR be given medical treatment and a home here in England.
  • Now that the publicly rescued BANKS are back to profit, these banks repay the loan taken out by the Treasury in are to save the Banks. This one act will save the Treasury £120 million daily and the Treasury could afford to fund our public services.
  • Affordable Housing must mean affordable for the income of Oxford people.

This is a sample of the issues I wish to bring to the attention of Oxford east people.

One thought on “Chaka Artwell (Independent)

  1. Dear MP Artwell

    I wish you all the best with your progression standing up for local people and government in East Oxford. I thoroughly agree that the banks should now reimburse the national pocket.

    Perhaps there will be a meeting that you are holding that local people can meet with you and further discuss your plans?

    Many blessings

    Katie Brunwin

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