Changing twitter accounts

Dear twitter followers and other readers! I’m changing my twitter accounts. This blog has always just been about Headington (mostly) and Oxford (occasionally), but @TonyOX3 on twitter has covered both local stuff and my wider personal interests (aka random witterings). This has been a bit confusing, particularly for me as I’ve been running another personal account at the same time. So from now on @TonyOX3 will just be about Headington and Oxford, and all other stuff will be on my personal account @Acripedes which links to my personal website/blog.

So please, if you’re just interested in keeping up to date with local affairs here in OX3 stay with me here and on @TonyOX3. If you’re one of my followers outside Oxford who doesn’t want to bother with all that stuff, by all means unfollow me here but please follow me on @Acripedes instead. I’d hate to lose touch with you! And of course, you can always follow both.

For the same reason I’ll be unfollowing some people from @TonyOX3 and re-following them from @Acripedes.