County Council’s response on legalities of road closures

For those of you interested in the legality or otherwise of the County Council giving permission for the road closures needed to lay the heatpipe, their Chief Legal Officer’s position statement is given in full on the Headington LibDem Councillors’ website.

You should read the whole statement, but to whet your appetite I’ve selected a few quotes:

Clearly officers considered they should have done more and you have received an apology.  I am not sure I can add much to that.  I believe the County did urge the Trust to undertake consultation as they are the key players in this Scheme.

Vital Energi are a licensee, not a statutory undertaker.  Having said that, it is a condition of the licence that they abide by the provisions of the New Roads and Street Works Act.

… the granting of a licence is a function delegated to officers. … [It] would not be a key decision which requires an Cabinet/Executive decision.

The ownership of the subsoil and notification that may need to be made to the owners of that is, as I say, a matter for the Trust undertaking the work.

… the County has agreed that affected residents may apply for Visitors Permits to park in adjoining streets, outside of their designated Controlled Parking Zone.