County Elections 4 May 2017

Here are the candidates in the four Headington divisions for the county elections on 4 May 2017. All sitting candidates (marked *) are standing for re-election. Several of the other names may ring a bell; Chaka Artwell (Ind) , Peter Coggins (LibDem), Miranda Shaw (Green) and Maria Bourbon (LibDem) have all stood unsuccessfully for election in this area in recent years. This will be the fourth time Duncan Hatfield (Con) and Alistair Morris (Green) have stood since 2012, and Mark Bhagwandin (Con) tops my list of serial candidates – this is his fifth try at being elected in OX3 since 2012.

In the last County elections there were two UKIP candidates in this area. This time there are none, and there is only one in the whole of the city (in Jericho and Osney).

The candidates standing in the city by-election in Barton & Sandhills Ward on the same day are here.

County Elections

Cath Convery Con
† Symon Hill Green
† Chaka Artwell Ind
Glynis Phillips * Lab
† Steve Wheeler Lib Dem
Also a candidate in city by-election, Barton & Sandhills
Johnson Kyeswa Con
Steven Dawe Green
Liz Brighouse * Lab
Peter Coggins Lib Dem
Duncan Hatfield Con
Miranda Shaw Green
Bill Asquith Lab
Roz Smith * Lib Dem
Mark Bhagwandin Con
Alistair Morris Green
Mark Lygo * Lab
Maria Bourbon Lib Dem

The full official list of candidates for the whole of Oxford City is here.