Election Results for Headington

Here are the results of the City Council elections in the six OX3 wards. There’s a chart showing the percentages of the votes here – click the image for full-size pdf.


Name Party Votes Notes
Sallie Barnard LibDem 106
Van Coulter * Lab 773 Re-elected – Lab hold
Raymond Hitchins Green 121
James Johnson Con 202
Benjamin Linus Ind 28
Ian Macdonald UKIP 293


Name Party Votes Notes
Berk Burak Bektas Con 117
Susan Brown * Lab 607 Re-elected – Lab hold
Julian Faultless Green 164
James Reilly LibDem 95
David Slater UKIP 179


Name Party Votes Notes
Mohammed Altaf-Khan LibDem 946 LibDem hold
Theodora Dickinson Con 234
David Boyd Haycock Green 181
David Henwood Lab 514


Name Party Votes Notes
Farida Anwar Lab 719 Lab gain from LibDem
Ruth Bamber Green 186
Mark Bhagwandin Con 433
Maria Bourbon LibDem 113
Nicholas Fell 24


Name Party Votes Notes
Mary Clarkson * Lab 1054 Re-elected – Lab hold
Duncan Hatfield Con 297
Jonathan Miller UKIP 201
Alistair Morris Green 254
Salman Navqi LibDem 169


Name Party Votes Notes
Katherine Harborne Con 415
Delia Sinclair * Lab 941 Re-elected – Lab hold
Roz Smith LibDem 549
Liz Taylor Green 253