Headington Headlines #266

Your weekly round-up of local news for 9 – 15 May.

Vital Energi and the Hospital Trust are holding two community drop-in sessions to show their latest plans for the heatpipe connection between the JR and Churchill Hospitals. Both sessions are this Wednesday, 18 May. Details here.

All my posts about the project are under the ‘Energy Project’ tab in the main menu, and there’s a page of links and contact details here.

There’s a planning application (ref: 16/00968/FUL) to build housing on one of the Lye Valley garden plots immediately adjacent to one of the rare Lye Valley fens. @friendlyevalley are concerned that “acceptance would set a disastrous precedent for development all along this precious green corridor”. They ask for support: the deadline for comments and objections is 26 May. For more info see their web page.

A torrential rain storm on Wednesday afternoon caused flash flooding in Headington Quarry and at the bottom of Bayswater Road in Barton.

The application by Frontier Estates to build a 55-bed care home on Pullen’s Lane (see HH249) has been withdrawn. An earlier application by another developer in 2014 was turned down.

The traffic lights at the Headington roundabout failed again on Wednesday and were only restored by 9.00 on Thursday morning. Morning traffic on the A40 was delayed by up to an hour or more.

@ScienceOxford is holding an Open Day to show their plans for the Stansfeld Centre in Headington Quarry. It’s on 25 May from 1600 to 2000.

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