Headington Headlines #267

Your weekly round-up of local news for 16 – 22 May.

I went to the heatpipe drop-in exhibition on Wednesday. There were no surprises and if all now goes to plan the digging should begin in September. My report here.

All my posts about the project are under the ‘Energy Project’ tab in the main menu, and there’s a page of links and contact details here.

I also submitted my comments on the latest Access to Headington Traffic Regulation Orders which seek to retain some on-street parking on Headley Way and Windmill Road.

Oxford City’s three ceremonial appointments were made on Monday, and Headington is represented by two of them. @maltafkhan (Headington Ward) is the new Lord Mayor, and Susan Brown (Churchill Ward) is Sheriff. The third appointment is Rae Humberstone (Blackbird Leys) who becomes Deputy Lord Mayor. The appointments all last for a year.

A new community garden is to be delivered at Barton Park together with improvements to the existing community allotments.

@oxfordtimes reports that the first @BartonPark_ homes will start to be built in July.

The old Jack Russell pub in Marston is falling into dereliction and becoming a target for vandalism. Local residents want security fencing installed.

Quarry’s Holy Trinity Church held its first Eco-festival on Sunday with stalls and talks covering a range of environmental activities and issues.

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