Headington Headlines #270

Your weekly round-up of local news for 6 – 12 June.

The heatpipe planning application was submitted to the City Council on Friday. I’ll let you know when it’s online.

As part of the hospital energy project, the chimney at the Churchill was taken down on Tuesday.

All my posts about the project are under the ‘Energy Project’ tab in the main menu, and there’s a page of links and contact details here.

The Access to Headington scheme was approved on Thursday in accordance with the officers’ recommendations, retaining some on-street parking on Headley Way and Windmill Road.

A C Nielsen are proposing to vacate their site next to Thornhill park and ride and for the site to be used for housing. They have submitted a change of use planning application (Ref: 16/01394/B56) which says “Change of use of Nielsen House and annex from office to residential to provide 30 x 1-bed flats and 63 x 2-bed flats. This application is for determination as to whether prior approval of the Council is required.” As I understand it, under current planning rules the change of use doesn’t need permission unless there are adverse transport and highway impacts or contamination and flooding risks.

A woman went into labour on a bus which was stuck in Barton after police closed Barton Village Road  following an assault on an Iceland van driver. The bus driver called an ambulance and the woman was taken to the JR. I don’t know how she is but hopefully all was well. As for the assault, two men have been arrested.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Southern Health admitted responsibility for the death of Connor Sparrowhawk.

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