Headington Headlines #329

Your weekly round-up of local news for 31 July – 6 August.

Black Mamba Tattoos in Windmill Road has moved into the nearby Vente Hairdressers.

News broke on Tuesday that the Trauma Unit at the JR was unsafe if a fire broke out. There are several problems including, inevitably, the cladding. The Trust decided to evacuate the building and move patients and beds elsewhere in the hospital. This was completed by the end of Friday afternoon.

Connor Sparrowhawk’s mother’s personal details were leaked to medical staff facing a tribunal to decide if any of them were at fault over Connor’s death.

Barton residents are being offered a free course in video production and the chance to make a film about how they travel around the local area.

Some properties in Colwell Drive, Barton were evacuated on Thursday after a tree fell on a house. Luckily no-one was injured.

Bury Knowle Park is one of 6 Oxford Parks to be awarded a Green Flag this year.

I made a map of all 729 HMOs in OX3 (HMO = house in multiple occupancy). It’s taken from Oxford City’s published register dated 21 July 2017. Go on, take a look!

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