Headington Headlines #370

Your weekly round-up of local news for 14 – 20 May. As I’m not going to be around much for the next couple of weeks the next Headlines won’t be until 11 June. See you then!

Another strange thing came to light in the rather weird story of the Wychwood Lane planning application – that’s the one to build next to the C S Lewis Nature Reserve. Read “Latest News from Narnia” here.

There’s a move afoot to get the “Shark House” in New High Street onto the City’s Heritage Asset Register.

One of the items on the East Area Planning Committee agenda on Wednesday this week is a recommendation to refuse planning permission to build flats on the site at 4 Lime Walk. The committee papers say “The application has failed to demonstrate that development of the site would not be viable if a contribution towards affordable housing were made.” In other words there needs to be an element of affordable housing if this site is to be developed for housing.

Wingfield House in Gathorne Road was built under a planning condition that it should be car-free. Residents do not qualify for parking permits in the local controlled parking zone (CPZ). At the County Council’s Cabinet meeting tomorrow (22 May) a request for the condition to be set aside so that residents can get parking permits has an officers’ recommendation that this should be turned down.

@oxcivicsoc recommends that Frontier Estates’ planning application for a care home at 1 Pullen’s Lane should be refused. To summarise their comments; “It was refused before and nothing’s changed”.

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