Headington Headlines #39

Here is my round-up of local news for the week 21 – 27 November —

News broke that the City Council will not designate Headington car park as land for housing in the forthcoming Policy and Preferred Options Document. While local residents and businesses celebrated, accusatory squabbles broke out between Labour and LibDem councillors and supporters over who should take credit: the LibDems for opposing it all along, or Labour for listening to people’s concerns.

It looks like another contest may be brewing between Northway residents who want to get land between the Ring Road and Northway designated a Town Green to prevent it being used to build access roads, and the City Council who apparently are threatening to ‘appropriate’ it.

Six student community wardens have been appointed by @Oxford_Brookes to patrol the Gipsy Lane, Cheney Lane and Divinity Road areas. The wardens will patrol in pairs, with each area having at least two two-hour patrols a week.

Thames Valley Police has charged a 27-year-old man with seven counts of theft from motor vehicles in Cheney Lane, Headington in October, and a Headington man was arrested on suspicion of a sexual assault in Marsh Road, Cowley

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Active topics on the Headington & Marston e-democracy forum this week:

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  • Road signs in cycle lanes and Gritting
  • The Brookes bus
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