Headington Headlines #54

Here’s my weekly round-up of local news for 12 – 18 March —

There was a spree of car window smashing overnight in the Wood Farm area on Monday/Tuesday. At least 11 cars were damaged. The @OxfordMail attributed the damage to “yobs”, but so far there are no reports of who might in fact have been responsible.

Thames Valley Police are appealing for witnesses after the theft of three motorcycles in the Oxford area recently, one from Nuffield Road, Wood Farm, where a black Senke was stolen between midnight on Tuesday and midnight on Wednesday the week before last.

Oxford Biomedical Reserach Centre held a public open day at the Churchill Hospital on Wednesday.

Merton College Choir performed a concert in St Andrew’s Church on Friday.

Highfield residents are campaigning to take control of local traffic calming measures.

The detailed route of the Olympic torch relay was published. It will arrive in Oxford on Monday 9 July, making its way from the BMC Mini plant down the Cowley Road to The Plain, back up St Clements and Morrell Avenue and into South Park. So it *might* just get into the OX3 postcode. On the Tuesday it starts from the Iffley Road stadium and disappears over Donnington Bridge on its way to Reading. Details: Monday | Tuesday.

Active topics on the Headington & Marston e-democracy forum this week:

  • Costa Coffee
  • Hosepipe ban from 5 April: details and exemptions
  • Policing of bus lanes
  • Electric car charging points in Headington
  • The Friar Pub Marston and Tesco
  • The Friar, Marston
  • Antisocial behaviour in Headington

I try to cover news from the OX3 postcode in Headington and out as far as Barton, Sandhills and Risinghurst (see map). To feed into next week’s summary you can comment on this article, or tweet either with the hashtag #ox3 or @mentioning @TonyOX3.