Headington Headlines #71

Here’s my weekly round-up of local news for 23 – 29 July —

From Italy to France: Café Corsica opened where Caffè Toscana used to be. @headingtonnews got the first picture.

There was a fire probably caused by an unattended candle in a house in Windmill Road on Monday. The family was evacuated and two people were taken to the JR as a precaution against smoke inhalation.

@TVP_OxNorthEast reported a spate of milk thefts in Marston & Northway.

When Holyoake Hall on the corner of London Road and Holyoake Street was built planning permission was supposed to include a restriction that the residents would not be allowed parking permits. It seems there was a cock-up and the provision was never included. So now they’re going to have permits after all. More on the e-dem forum.

Harcourt House in Marston Road has been bought from the City council by the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, aka the neighbours over the road. OCIS made an offer “too good for the Council to refuse” but has no immediate plans for the site.

The County Council is reported to be working on plans to upgrade and possibly widen the London Road between Headington shops and the Headington roundabout to incorporate a bus lane on each side along the whole stretch. The cost is unknown; timing may be 2014.

The Barton Neighbourhood Centre held a community fun day on Saturday to launch the Cleaner, Greener Barton initiative.

And continuing Saturday’s fun there was a free open-air screening of “Johnny English – Reborn” starring Queen’s College alumnus and Honorary Fellow Rowan Atkinson in Bury Kowle Park on Saturday night.

Active topics on the Headington & Marston e-democracy forum this week:

  • Participants for Brain scanning study needed!
  • No water in central Headington this morning (Tue 24 July 2012)
  • burning in the evenings
  • Parking permits to be granted to “car-free” development in Headington
  • Shanghai house takeaway
  • Empty shops in Headington
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