Headington Heatpipe #3

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has released much more detail today about the ‘heatpipe’ scheme, which they call the Hospital Energy Project.

I was able to go to the press conference, and came away with two main thoughts. Firstly that the overall project is much bigger than I, and I’m sure anyone else outside the Trust, realised, as we have so far only really been aware of the heat pipe. I think they have a very good story to tell about this. Secondly, I think the disruption to local roads is going to be worse, possibly a lot worse, that people realise.

I will have another chance to discuss the project with the Trust later this week, and plan to write a fuller report after that. Meanwhile, you can find information on their website (here and here) and by following their new twitter account @OUH_Estates. I expect the e-democracy forum will attract some comments too!