Oxford Tweetup

I went to my first tweetup yesterday evening, organised by the indefatigable @beccachaplin and hosted by @Fratellis Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria in the Cowley Road. I didn’t quite know what to expect, or how different the real people would be from the way I’d imagined them.

I arrived a few minutes after 7:30. Some were already there and by 7:45 about 14 people had arrived. Our drinks orders came to the table, then the food started. And went on. And on. Allegedly divided into starters and main course there was: antipasti and mushrooms (two sorts) and cheese things and pizza slices and meatballs and crab and more pizza slices and penne and macaroni cheese and more pizza slices. And probably other stuff too, but I wasn’t taking notes.

But what about the people? All I can say is that everyone I spoke to (and I’m sorry I didn’t manage to speak to everyone there) was interesting and friendly. Some already knew each other but there were several newbies too and I don’t think anyone could have felt left out. I tried to take some photos on my phone but the background lights were too strong and I only got shadows and silhouettes.

The evening wound up about 10:30 – quite early, but it was mid-week.

Thanks again to @beccachaplin for organising and @Fratellis for hosting the tweetup. Thanks to @pj_kent for taking the register, and to @smacula for my copy of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime” by Oxford author Mark Haddon, given out as part of World Book Night.

At the tweetup: @antoinesque @barnthebarn @beccachaplin @bluebobfox @candy_pop @fallen_light @graemehunter @joolsteare @lumpygrumpy @oxsox @pj_kent @rogeraskew @sarahpru @scepticalgeek @smacula @theradicallight @tonyox3.