PCC Elections

Elections for the posts of Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) take place on Thursday 15 November. Candidates still have until mid-day on 24 October to withdraw if they wish.

Here is the full list of candidates for the Thames Valley:-

  • Patience Tayo Awe, Independent
  • Barry Cooper, UKIP
  • Geoff Howard, Independent
  • John Orrell Howson, LibDem
  • Anthony Stansfeld, Conservative
  • Tim Starkey, Labour Party Candidate

There is a hustings meeting for all the candidates on 5 November at 7.00pm in the Assembly Room, Oxford Town Hall. Barry Cooper and Tim Starkey have both told me they will be there: how many others will show up remains to be seen. [Update: All four of the candidates who are on twitter have confirmed they will be at the Oxford hustings.]

There’s a useful (but unofficial) website where you can find out more about the candidates. Go to www.policeelections.com/candidates/ , scroll down to Thames Valley Police and click on the individual names. As well as personal profiles some candidates have provided answers to a standard set of questions (and some haven’t) – click on the ‘Views’ tab of the candidate’s profile page. Geoff Howard has not yet added a profile but he does have a profile on www.policecrimecommissioner.co.uk . The policeelections.com website still shows Martin Young as a candidate.

I have found four TV PCC candidates on twitter: Barry Cooper is @BarryCooper15, John Howson is @John4PCC, Anthony Stansfeld is @StansfeldPCC and Tim Starkey is @TimLabour.