Road closures latest

The Temporary Traffic Order which the County Council intends to bring into force on 4 January sets out more details of the road closures. It does not include the work on London Road and Old Road.

Traffic order

Full details including the diversions to be signposted are in the order (click the image to get the full pdf version), but here’s a summary:

Monday 4 – Sunday 17 January
All Saints Road Between Latimer Road and Stapleton Road
Latimer Road from All Saints Road for approximately 15 metres north-westward
Stapleton Road from All Saints Road for approximately 15 Metres

Monday 11 Jan – Tuesday 15 March
Stapleton Road – Entire length progressively in stages north to south between All Saints Road and Old Road

Monday 1 Feb – Tuesday 22 April
Sandfield Road – North to south in three phases:
Phase 1. Between Woodlands Road and Beech Road
Phase 2. Between Beech Road and the southeast property line of No.1 Sandfield Road
Phase 3. Between the Southeast property line of No 1 Sandfield Road and the junction with A420 London Road

Monday 21 March – Thursday 30 June
Latimer Road – Phase 1: Between A420 London Road and Latimer Grange
Latimer Road – Phase 2. Between Latimer Grange and All Saints Road

The Order also says: “All Resident Permit Parking, Shared Parking, Disabled Parking and other Restricted Time Parking Bays at the following locations on both sides of the road and footway will be suspended when shown by appropriate traffic signs and cones. As the works progress parking bays will be made available.”