Headington Headlines #401

Your weekly round-up of local news for 7 – 13 January.

Congratulations to the Masons Arms @TheMasonsArmsHQ, winners of the Oxford CAMRA city pub of the year award for 2019.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the slightly notorious ‘Headington Door Knocker’ after he breached a community order by failing to turn up in court. The order was part of the suspended sentence he was given a few weeks ago.

What used to be the Oxford Food Centre on the London Road near Northfield Road and the Headington roundabout is to become a massage parlour. Planning nerds will rejoice in it being classified as ‘sui generis ‘.

It looks like the Royal British Legion Social Club on Edgecombe Road in Barton, which has been disused for the past four years, will be demolished.

Headington LibDems set up a Brexitometer in the shopping centre on Saturday. No surprises given the strong vote here for Remain, but no enthusiasm for a general election to resolve the issue either.

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Headington Headlines #398

Your weekly round-up of local news for 10 – 16 December.

You know Christmas is just around the corner when @TheMasonsArmsHQ announces the Boxing Day Morris Mummers Play arrangements.

Pizzas, burgers, quizzes and live music are all planned for the Somerset pub in Marston if the people behind The Rusty Bicycle and Rickety Press complete their take-over deal. We must wait and see if they keep to their theme and rename it The Ramshackle Somerset.

Police have been issuing warnings to motorists using Elms Drive, Marston as a rat-run to avoid the Headley Way roadworks. £50 fines are threatened.

Following a public exhibition last Monday the city council has opened a consultation about the redevelopment of Underhill Circus in Barton. The consultation is via an online questionnaire. You have to register, or login if you’ve registered for consultations before.

Plowman’s Tower in Northway now has security guards to counter hooliganism and anti-social behaviour that has been ‘making residents’ lives hell’. CCTV is also being installed here and at Forester’s Tower in Wood Farm.

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Headington Headlines #367

Your weekly round-up of local news for 23 – 29 April.

And so it (almost) finally begins! The much-delayed Access to Headington work on Headley Way and Cherwell Drive will start on 14 May. The work is forecast to run until March 2019. Here’s what the Oxford Mail had to say about it. Some people are upset that several trees have been felled in preparation for the work. The County Council has said they will replace all the trees that will have to go, but of course any new planting will take some years to grow to youthful maturity.

Congratulations to @TheMasonsArmsHQ. They are champions of the Oxford & District Bar Billiards League Division One.

Well done too to La Croissanterie café on Old High Street, which earned a maximum score of 5 in the latest Scores on the Doors hygiene ratings.

Gardens in Old Headington will be open for the National Gardens Scheme on Sunday 13 May.

Construction work has started on the new neurological research centre at the JR. See where it is on the plan in HH 346.

It’s now 18 months since a controvesial planning application was submitted to build housing in Wychwood Lane, Risinghurst, adjacent to the C S Lewis Nature Reserve. Nothing seems to have happened since; the papers for the last East Area Planning Committee show it as “still awaiting additional information”.

I couldn’t resist this one. Headington School is advertising for a Head of Strings.

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