Your new Euro MEPs

Unless you live in a isolation chamber you’ll already know that despite Oxford’s best efforts to support Labour the results of the European elections in the South-East region of which we are part are that we have

  • 4 UKIP
  • 3 Conservative
  • 1 Green
  • 1 Labour
  • 1 LibDem


The good news is they are all on twitter, so you can raise any issues you like with them in 140 characters or less. Here they are in alphabetical order. Hit those ‘Follow’ buttons now!

Name Party twitter
Richard Ashworth Con @RichardAshMEP
Janice Atkinson UKIP @JaniceUKIP
Catherine Bearder LibDem @catherineMEP
Nirj Deva Con @NirjDeva
Annaliese Dodds Lab @AnnelieseDodds
Nigel Farage UKIP @Nigel_Farage
Ray Finch UKIP @raymondfinch
Dan Hannan Con @DanHannanMEP
Diane James UKIP @DianeUKIP
Keith Taylor Green @GreenKeithMEP