Candidates in Barton & Sandhills

Barton & Sandhills

Sallie Barnard (LibDem)
No information yet.
Van Coulter (Lab)
Trade unionist and co-operative member. Educated as a political economist at Ruskin College, Oxford. A humanist who supports consumer democracy, actions to address inequalities and seeks to uphold inclusion, believing that every person counts. Advisor to NGOs, trade unions & charities. Director of Ruskin College. Hobbies include economics, politics, international relations, public history and the arts. [1][2]
Raymond Hitchins (Green)
[Added 10/5/2014] I have lived in the area for the past 20 years. I work in the health service. I am involved with several local conservation groups. I am standing because I believe everyone should have the chance to vote green. [8]
James Johnson (Con)
Having lived in Oxford for three and a half years, James is keen to represent the residents of Barton and Sandhills and to strive to improve their lives through local government. He is interested in improving public services in the area, as well as to ensure that new housing and planning developments in Barton are well-managed and are positive for the ward. Over the next weeks and months, he’ll be listening to residents and working hard to understand and address their concerns. James is also a keen badminton player, is Deputy Director of a local charity, and enjoys films and reading.
On his twitter account James says he is a finalist at Oxford University and took a cardboard cut out of Eric Pickles around the USA.[3][6]
Bejamin Linus (Ind)
The system needs to change. Politics has stopped being what it is supposed to be, a mandate of the people. Society and community are my priorities. A happy community is a safer community. By bringing PEOPLE together, we can do more than make change, we can lead the way to the future. I am a staunch supporter of the power of community, and an even firmer believer in fairness, equality and democracy. Under my term, no-one will ever be able to say they didn’t get to be heard on an issue. Playing by the same old rules gets the same old results. We’ve all been worn down by lying politicians and their false promises. Isn’t it time to play a different game? The one that the establishment doesn’t even know exists yet? Vote for me – and watch our community grow and thrive.
On Ben’s twitter account he also says he is guitarist and producer from HashTag Alice, and Editor of Headington Monthly magazine.[4][5][7]
Ian Macdonald (UKIP)
I moved to Oxford 5 years ago as a student but my love of the city led me to stay here after graduation. I currently work as a software developer. I am standing because I am tired of inaction, complacency and failure among the ruling parties of Oxford. If elected, I want to challenge the culture of bureaucracy, waste and over-management in city hall and ensure that services delivered are of good quality and value. I will also put decision making back into the hands of local people by delivering referendums on major issues where enough people call for one. This is the only true mechanism for challenging out of touch politicians. [7]

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