Candidates in Headington Hill & Northway

Headington Hill & Northway

Farida Anwar (Lab)
Farida lives in Headley Way and has been involved in Oxford local matters for many years being currently a governor at St Michael’s Primary. Farida has been an Executive member of Oxfordshire Council for Community Relations. She worked as a civil servant in Health and Social Security for nearly 40 years and is an active member of UNISON. Farida is currently an Honorary Secretary of the Oxfordshire Bangladeshi Association and the Chair of its Women and Toddlers Group, involved with the charity MIND and active in the Oxfordshire Muslim and Christian Forum. [1]
Ruth Bamber (Green)
[Added 11/5/14] Ruth Bamber is a 31 year old passionate nurse, a proud NHS employee who believes strongly in a publicly owned NHS where patients’ needs are at its core. Ruth works in the JR and has been living around Headington Hill for 9 months. She has always held a left wing outlook and, like her parents, believed in the ethos of old Labour. In recent years Ruth has become frustrated feeling unrepresented. By chance, when watching an interview with Caroline Lucas on TV she was motivated to research the Party.  She felt that the Green party was a intriguing viable alternative. realising the major ethos and polices the Greens were offering filled the void for her.
Ruth holds compassion for those who have had less opportunities to succeed and is interested in assisting in making real changes to even the balance. Ruth works with many vulnerable groups and can see the impact of the government’s cuts, which effects people’s quality of life and health. As somebody who rents a house in Oxford and lives on a modest wage, Ruth can feel the effects of the high cost of living in Oxford and is keen to have this issue addressed to be able to provide and create affordable housing. Ruth would like to represent the Green party in her ward as a approachable advocate who will address local concerns. [3]
Mark Bhagwandin (Con)
Mark Bhagwandin is a trained broadcast journalist and former news editor, originally from Guyana. He now manages media relations for LIFE, a national pro-life charity which provides counselling, practical support and accommodation for pregnant homeless women. Mark holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, a Post Graduate Diploma in International Studies from the University of Guyana and a Masters Degree in International Journalism from City University, London. Mark is also a parent governor at Wheatley Park School. Within the Conservative Party, Mark is Chairman of the Oxford East Conservative Association and the Oxford Conservative Policy Forum. He lives in Headington with his wife Vanessa and their two teenage children.
Mark believes residents of Oxford pay too much in council tax while money is wasted by the council on grandiose schemes and exorbitant salaries for top officers. He also feels that the absence of any significant political opposition on the Oxford City Council means that the Labour Party does exactly what it pleases, either completely ignoring people’s views or engaging in a process which makes a mockery of consultation. [2]
Maria Bourbon (LibDem)
No information yet.
Nicholas Fell
I understand Nicholas Fell does not wish to be considered as a candidate in these elections.