Candidates in Marston


Mary Clarkson (Lab)
Educated at St. John’s College, Oxford. Mary is married with four children. Her particular interests include planning, environment and transport issues. Mary is also a Trustee at the Creation Theatre and a Governor at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. Mary’s hobbies include fellwalking, singing, gardening and theatre. [1]
Duncan Hatfield (Con)
I want to see a better deal from the City Council for Marston. Marston is blighted by severe traffic congestion and parking in residential areas by commuters, Brookes students and JR service users, which is likely to be affected by the Barton development. We are still waiting for the lights in the Croft Road Rec Street Sports area. I live in Marston, am on Old Marston Parish Council and organise the annual litter pick and the council website. [2]
Jonathan Miller (UKIP)
Jonathan Miller has lived in and around Oxford since 1992. He studied Biochemistry at St Hugh’s College and went on to work for the University for 13 years, in a variety of roles. Recently, he qualified as a barrister, and enjoys using his knowledge to help people. Jonathan believes that people should be trusted to manage their own affairs without interference, and is concerned that our basic freedoms are being eroded by an overly-bureaucratic system of government. He believes that decisions should be made at the local level wherever possible, rather than by professional politicians. He has a strong interest in medieval European history, and because he believes no-one should take themselves too seriously, is learning to play the ukulele. [3]
Alistair Morris (Green)
Alistair Morris is 51(?) and a widower, has 2 teenage children living at home and has been a member of the Green Party since my mid 20’s. He has lived in Oxfordshire for 22(?) years, the last 6(?) years in Oxford itself. He believes the only sustainable future is green and has a particularly strong view on waste, recycling and local community projects, especially communally growing and harvesting food within each locality maximizing its use and minimizing its waste. [4] [Update 11/5/14: This statement is unchanged from two years ago on the Green’s website.]
Salman Navqi (Lib Dem)
No information yet.

[3] By email
[4] I have put the question marks in because this information is two years old.