Candidates in Quarry & Risinghurst

Quarry & Risinghurst

Katherine Harbourne (Con)
I am mother of two wonderful teenagers, a business woman and environmental scientist and recently I have been awarded the status of Chartered Environmentalist. Until the May 2010 local election I was not a politician. In 2009 David Cameron called for different people to get involved in politics and so in May 2010 I was elected as a local councillor for North Richmond. This is because I am passionate about changing the way that people are empowered and involved in decisions that matter in our community, and to our lives. Making time to be an effective councillor is part of my personal commitment to social responsibility and changing things for good. Katherine now lives in Headington.[1] [Update 9 May: Katherine has posted a more extensive statement on the Conservatives’ website.]
Delia Sinclair (Lab)
Dee has lived most of her life in and around Headington and worked for thirty years as a special needs support teacher in Oxford. Dee has worked hard for the local community as an Oxford City Councillor. Her particular interests include the environment, housing and the community. Since retiring, Dee enjoys her weekly work-out looking after her grandsons. [2]
Roz Smith (LibDem)
Roz is an experienced councillor with particular interests in environmental issues and value for money. She believes very strongly in Fair Trade initiatives, and can often be found helping in the Windmill shop in Headington. A champion for local democracy and transparent decision making, Roz believes residents should be consulted properly about local issues and would like to see the City Council re-introduce informing neighbours about local planning applications. Her campaign to persuade Birmingham Council not to sell off the Stansfeld Outdoor Education Centre has received hundreds of signatures.
Roz serves as a school governor at Headington Quarry Nursery, as vice-chairman of Windmill School governors and as a Parish Councillor for Risinghurst & Sandhills parish. She has two grown up sons, a step daughter, five beautiful granddaughters, two energetic grandsons; the eighth grandchild is due in the Autumn. She is actively involved with many local community groups and serves as a Charity Trustee for Risinghurst Community Association and Headington Quarry Village Hall. In 2005 Roz married Paul Rogers at Holy Trinity Church, and helps there with the welcome team. [3]
Liz Taylor (Green)
[Added 14/5/14] I have lived and worked in Oxford for more than 20 years, and have strong family links to the city. I greatly enjoy the rich variety of people and activities here, and hope to contribute to maintaining and improving the experience of local residents and visitors. I have previously been active on my local Parish council and Community Association.
I have worked for the NHS for 30 years and believe it to be one of Britain’s greatest achievements and oppose it’s privatisation and that of the education system. I oppose nuclear weapons and war generally. I would like to see much more renewable energy production and preference given to planning applications where energy conservation is a feature. [4]

[3] By email