Candidates on twitter

Here is the list of all the candidates I can find standing in the County Council elections in the Oxford City divisions who have twitter accounts. I have classified their use of twitter as:

  • active – 5+ tweets since 1 April 2013
  • occasional – 5+ tweets since 1 January 2013
  • dormant – <5 tweets since 1 Jan, 5+ since 1 April 2012
  • unused – less than any of the above
  • locked – locked account, no data
  • unconfirmed – I have not confirmed this account is the candidate
Name Party Division twitter Status
Mary-Jane SAREVA Green Barton, Sandhills & Risinghurst @MarySareva unused
Duncan HATFIELD Con Headington & Quarry @Old_Marston unused
Delia SINCLAIR Lab Headington & Quarry @delia_sinclair occasional
Roz SMITH LibDem Headington & Quarry @RosalindRogers unused
Tim BEARDER LibDem Iffley Fields & St Mary’s @timbearder occasional
George HARNETT Con Jericho & Osney @GWHarnett unused
Alasdair MURRAY LibDem Leys @alasdairjmurray unused
Val SMITH Lab Leys @valsmithoxford locked
Mark BHAGWANDIN Con Marston & Northway @markb_gt dormant
Mark LYGO Lab Marston & Northway @MarkLygo active
Tim PATMORE Con Rose Hill & Littlemore @Tim_Patmore active
Stuart O’REILLY UKIP St Clement’s & Cowley Marsh @stuartoreilly active
John HOWSON LibDem St Margaret’s @John4PCC dormant
Vernon PORTER Con St Margaret’s @oxVP unused
Sam COATES Green University Parks @samcoatescymru active
Jane MACTAGGART LibDem University Parks @JaneMactaggartL unconfirmed
Joe OTTAWAY Lab University Parks @JoeOttaway active
Richard TREFFLER Con University Parks @Rtreffler active
Dick WOLFF Green Wolvercote & Summertown @greenwolff active

Of course candidates are not required to have twitter accounts or to use them if they do. For a full list of all the candidates standing in the Oxford City divisions see the official list.