City council elections: 3 May 2012 – Wards in OX3

Who’s on twitter?

The official list of candidates standing in the local elections to Oxford City Council was published on 4 April. The elections take place on Thursday 3 May. @HeadingtonNews has produced a list of the candidates standing in the six wards which fall within the Headington – Marston – Barton area, and I am grateful for the code from that page which has saved me a fair amount of typing!

My own list is slightly different. I shall be following the campaign on twitter as well as other channels and I thought it would be interesting to see how many of the candidates are themselves tweeters. I already had a dozen or so local councillors and candidates on my oxpolitics list, but starting with the OX3 wards I have searched and found more. Some, I have to say, are not very active – which says nothing at all about their merits as potential councillors. All wards have at least one candidate with a twitter account but the sole one in Quarry & Risinghurst is at present inactive.

So if you want to engage with your local candidates or just follow the campaign, here’s who to follow. I’ll try to make a complete list for the whole of Oxford but I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to do it. Meanwhile if you find any errors or omissions please let me know.

Current Councillor standing for re-election
Current Councillor continuing to serve, not due for re-election
Current Councillor standing down, not seeking re-election
Name Party twitter Notes


Alexander Michael CIBULSKIS Liberal Democrat
Graham Edwin LOVELOCK Conservative
Mike ROWLEY Labour & Co-operative Party @redmikerowley Protected account
Mary-Jane SAREVA Green @MarySareva Inactive account
Van COULTER Labour


Siddo DEVA Conservative
Julian FAULTLESS Green
Mark Robert LYGO Labour @MarkLygo
Ruth Margaret RUNDLE Liberal Democrat @Ruthr1978 Protected account
Joe McMANNERS Labour @joemcmanners


Mark BHAGWANDIN Conservative @markb_gt Occasional blogger
Jane DARKE Labour
Richard John HOWARTH Green
Ruth Elaine WILKINSON Liberal Democrat @RuthWilk Blog & local info
David RUNDLE Liberal Democrat @DavidRundle


Sietske BOELES Green
Roy DARKE Labour
Nicholas Oliver FELL UK Independence Party
Thomas Anthony KELLEY Conservative
Stephen TALL Liberal Democrat @StephenTall Website
Mohammed ALTAF-KHAN Liberal Democrat @maltafkhan


Sam Anthony FOWKES Liberal Democrat @SamFowkes1
Mick HAINES Independent
Duncan Valentine HATFIELD Conservative
Alistair David Pryce MORRIS Green
Louise UPTON Labour
Mary CLARKSON Labour
Beverley HAZELL Labour


Laurence BAXTER Labour
Julia Margaret GASPER UK Independence Party
Raymond Leslie HITCHINS Green
Allen MILLS Conservative
Roz SMITH Liberal Democrat @RoziRogers Inactive account