Cowley Road meets Headington

A few days ago it was confirmed that the Cowley Road Carnival wouldn’t be a street procession this year but would take place in South Park instead. @headingtonnews tweeted that the Carnival was almost in Headington.

Now it’s not easy to find definitive postcode maps (it should be, because it’s public domain material, but that’s another story) but my Geographers’ A-Z map of Oxford shows the OX3/OX4 postcode boundary bisecting South Park from the Warneford Lane/Morrell Avenue junction down to the Marston Road junction at the bottom of Headington Hill. That puts the southern part of the park in OX4 along with with the Cowley Road, but the northern part in good ol’ OX3.

So is a renaming of the Carnival in order? I think so.