Help find this car

This is an appeal for help in connection with a serious accident to a cyclist a couple of weeks ago. Let’s show the power of social networking and track down the car involved! Here’s the story (there’s more on the H&M e-dem forum link).

On the Headington & Marston e-democracy forum Nigel Magnay writes:

Two weeks ago whilst cycling to work, I was knocked off by a hit & run driver in a dark blue Mk4 VW Golf. This occurred at about 8:30AM at the bottom of Headington Hill, after the traffic lights for Morrell Avenue; he pulled in from the right-hand lane all the way in front of me to turn into Rectory Road – I had no time to stop, bounced off the rear quarterlight and am now recovering from a hip fracture being held together with 3 screws. Sadly I only saw the first part of the registration as LV51 (and even that is questionable).

Jock Coates adds:

On Sunday I think I was probably victim of the same car. Turning out of Grays Rd to turn right and onto Headington Rd the lights in favour of Gipsy Lane traffic had been green long enough for three cars to go through and as I pulled out of Grays Rd this similar sounding blue Golf turned at high speed into Gipsy Lane from Headington direction. He must have been ten seconds after the red light on the London Rd.

Nigel adds:

The Police are just as keen to catch the guy as I am, they’ve already pulled video records (even going so far as to get ANPR data to try to find a match) but without a numberplate it’s obviously difficult. And dark blue VW golfs aren’t exactly rare.

Please look out for a car that matches the description – a dark blue VW Golf with a registration possibly beginning LV51. It sounds like it might be seen in the Marston Road/Headington Hill/St Clements/Cowley Road area, possibly being driven aggressively. If you can get the full registration number we can pass it on to the police.