General Election candidates

Taking their cue from the major political parties, the national media have declared the General Election campaign season ‘OPEN’. The election itself is still 17 weeks away, on 7 May, but in the two Oxford constituencies several candidates have already been announced by their parties. Here are the ones I know about so far.

Oxford East

Currently held by Andrew Smith (Lab)

Candidate Party Twitter
Green Ann Duncan  
UKIP Ian Macdonald @IanMacdonald91
Con Melanie Magee @cllr_magee
LibDem Mark Mann @oxfordmann
Lab Andrew Smith @AndrewSmithMP

Oxford West & Abingdon

Currently held by Nicola Blackwood (Con)

Candidate Party Twitter
Con Nicola Blackwood @NicolaBlackwood
Lab Sally Copley @SallyCopley
UKIP Alan Harris  
LibDem Layla Moran @LaylaMoran
National Health Action Helen Salisbury @HelenS_NHA
Green Larry Sanders