Golden Fossils at the Natural History Museum

Tempted by the write-up on the Oxford Science blog a few months ago I finally went to see the exhibition of “golden fossils” at the Museum of Natural History. It’s not particularly highlighted at the entrance, but you’ll find a set of display cabinets on your right as you go into the main hall.

The fossils may be “golden”, or at least sort of sandy-coloured, but be warned – most of them are tiny! Paleontologists and fossil freaks will surely love them because there’s plenty of information about what we do and don’t know about these creatures but to the lay visitor there’s not a great deal to see. If some were displayed under a magnifying glass it would help. It’s worth a quick visit if you’re in the area, but for most people the pictures on the OxSci blog are probably more striking than the real thing.

The exhibition runs until 14 November.