Headington Headlines #200

Another milestone reached – the 200th edition of Headington Headlines! There’s nothing particularly exciting to mark the occasion, but here anyway is my 200th weekly round-up of local news. It covers the week 2 – 8 February.

The persistent rumour that the Post Office might move into the Co-op was given some weight when local Councillor @RuthWilk confirmed that the Co-op “had expressed strong interest” in the idea.

As I reported in HH197, work on the Dora Carr Close development in Northway is starting. Architecture students at @Oxford_Brookes are designing and making a hoarding for the site “where people can share their view about the new development”. I think they mean ‘view’ as in ‘opinion’: it will be interesting to see how this plays out, and whether the local graffiti artists will allow others to join in. You can follow the students on twitter at @NewNorthway.

As mentioned last week, Johnsons Cleaners closed on Thursday. They have moved to Summertown.

Construction has started at the JR of a new ‘Welcome Centre’ which will include an M&S Simply Food shop and an M&S café. However, the site works mean that all the disabled parking spaces right next to the main hospital entrance have been lost. Although the disabled spaces in the nearby car park are rarely all taken, it does mean that disabled access will now be more difficult for some.

The Quarry Hollow street sign by the Chequers was hit by a car and broken on Saturday. Councillor @RosalindRogers is looking concerned and is on the case. She has the car’s registration, so if it was you I’d come clean now!

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I cover news from the OX3 postcode in Headington and out as far as Barton, Sandhills and Risinghurst (see map). To feed into next week’s summary you can comment on this article, or tweet either with the hashtag #ox3 or @mentioning @TonyOX3.