Headington Headlines #212

Here’s my weekly round-up of local news for 27 April – 3 May.

The male nurse who raped and assaulted 27 female patients at the JR Hospital was sentenced to 18 years.

Taylors Esate Agents closed their Headington office and moved operatons to their St Clement’s branch.

There was a significant power cut on Thursday affecting around 700 – 900 homes, shops and offices in the central area. There were also reports of a smell of burning. SSE said the fault “was at a link box and that fed back up the line to a substation. That caused the substation to overheat and produce smoke but it’s not a fire.” Some premises didn’t have power restored until the evening. Another cut affecting about 20 homes in Headington happened on Saturday.

@HeadingtonPlan has published a series of ‘character assessments’ of different areas of Headington. An interesting collection of thumbnail sketches.

Some people in Marston are hoping they can rescue the closed Jack Russell pub and run it as a community pub.

Remember the @ButchersArmsOxf sign blowing down in the storm? They’ve got a smart new one now.

Photo: @RosalindRogers

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