Headington Headlines #256

Your weekly round-up of local news for 29 Feb – 6 March.

The body of a dead baby girl was found by the Marston cycle path on Monday morning. Police are continuing to appeal to the mother to come forward.

There’s a campaign to oppose the City Council’s plan to make a car park next to the new Margaret Road sports field pavilion. There are two videos on youtube (one long, one short). The planning application is open for comments, but I can’t give the link because the City’s system is down while they do a major upgrade. [Update: the system’s back up, and the reference is 16/00002/CT3. This drawing shows the proposed parking arrangements, including two disabled spaces.]

No less than three Barton stories this week:

The first phase of housebuilding in @BartonPark_, 237 homes, was given plannning permission by East Area Planning Committee. Here is an artist’s impression of what it will look like.

Barton Park phase 1 - artist's impression
Barton Park phase 1 – artist’s impression

Barton Park has been chosen as one of ten ‘healthy living towns’ by NHS England. More on this in a separate blog post.

The existing Barton estate is getting £4m funding for regeneration projects. The bulk of the money, £1.72m, will be spent on Underhill Circus; the health centre will receive £200,000 for its planned expansion, with a further £150,000 available for the rest of the centre and £40,000 allocated to transform its entrance and outside seating area. There will also be improvements to all the blocks of flats, starting with Stowford Road and Bayswater Road, then rolling out similar works to the other blocks in the estate. Where and how the rest of the money will be spent is still being discussed with the community.

The CRUK (Cancer Research UK) shop in Headington joined twitter @CRUKHeadington1.

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