Headington Headlines #318

Your weekly round-up of local news for 15 – 21 May.

As the heatpipe work on Churchill Drive draws near to an end, the Access to Headington works on The Slade are causing severe delays. The Hospitals Trust is advising people to allow an hour to get to the Churchill and find a parking place.

On Tuesday Prince Charles was in OX3 opening the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies on Marston Road, and Camilla paid a visit to Maggie’s at the Churchill. She probably got a parking space without waiting.

Bayard’s Hill Primary School in Barton was closed on Monday because of a power and water system failure. It was closed, then re-opened, closed again, and finally opened fully on Thursday.

We had more rain on Wednesday than in the whole of April. Warneford Lane was one of the places hit by flooding.

Still no movement on the planning application to build next to the C S Lewis Nature Reserve in Risinghurst. The story has been picked up by Private Eye, but there’s nothing in the article that we didn’t already know.

It looks like Frontier Estates are still in the business of turning Headington into a Student World Theme Park. They have apparently been trying to find people interested in selling their houses at the east end of London Road and in Barton Road. The story is on the e-democracy forum.

The Children’s Air Ambulance charity shop was broken into on Thursday/Friday night and was closed on Friday. The charity is appealing for any information.

Don’t forget Queen Street is closed to buses again, with the 8 and 9 city centre stops moved to that very inconvenient spot down St Aldates. Also the stop for outbound local buses in Headington shops has moved to outside Ladbrokes while Thames Water do some work opposite the usual stop.

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