Headington Headlines #390

Your weekly round-up of local news for 15 – 21 October.

If you’re affected by the overnight road closures around Headley Way/Cherwell Drive this post gives some more information about what’s going on.

Probably no-one was surprised that the Swan School planning permission was finally granted by the Planning Review Committee on Monday. The original reasons for refusal on strictly planning grounds were weak, and the objectors’ game was effectively lost when the County Council accepted the (in my view) dubious fudge over protecting cyclists on the Marston cycle path from motor vehicles crossing the path. On the plus side, Oxford needs more school places and realistically no other site was going to be found in a reasonable timescale.

Posh Fish was closed for a few days while they waited for new equipment to be delivered and installed. They’re open again now.

The proposed Controlled Parking Zone in Wood Farm, the plan for which first emerged in August (see HH379), has been announced by the County Council. You have until 16 November to send in your comments.

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