Headington Headlines #6

Here is my weekly round-up of news for the week 28 March – 3 April.

Police are searching for an arsonist who has been setting fire to ‘For Sale’ signs in Headington, mostly along the London Road but also in Sandhills.

A landlord in Quarry Road, Headington was prosecuted by the City Council for failing to comply with HMO licence conditions. He was fined £3000 plus costs.

The possibility of using space at Barton Community Centre for a Post Office has been put forward for discussion.

Vandals set fire to a children’s play area in Dene Road, off The Slade, just weeks after a £45,000 facelift.

I’m baffled and bewildered by the complexities of the local planning system, but I gather that the Dorset House redevelopment got some further approval this week (I thought it was already approved, but, well, OK) as did the revamp of the roads around Highfield. The H&M e-democracy forum has better information than I can hope to give.

Active topics this week on Headington & Marston e-democracy forum:

  • Headington Festival 2011
  • The Friar
  • Planned Bail Hostel at 30 Headley Way
  • New garden waste scheme
  • Voting cards 2011
  • Save Libraries event at Oxford Literary Festival
  • Old Headington Conservation Area Appraisal Consultation

I try to cover news from the OX3 postcode in Headington and out as far as Barton, Sandhills and Risinghurst (see map). To feed into next week’s summary you can comment on this article, or tweet either with the hashtag #ox3 or @mentioning @TonyOX3.