New Primary School for Barton West

There’s going to be a new primary school in Barton West/Barton Park/Bayswick. Because it’s a new school it will be an Academy and not run by the County. There won’t be any choice over this, it seems. However, the County Council has the job of running a public consultation to gather views on the type of academy trust people would prefer to run the new school, and views on any particular focus or services they would like the school to offer.

The County’s consultation website says:

The government has set out a bidding and selection process by which new school providers are chosen. First, the county council will invite bids from academy trusts wanting to run the new school. A selection procedure will follow and the final decision is shared by the county council and central government Department for Education (DfE).

This consultation is to hear what sort of organisation you would like to see run the new school in Barton West. This will help us when we assess the bids that come in. For example, the school might be run by:

  • A faith organisation
  • A national education charity
  • A national academy chain
  • An existing local school
  • A community group


If you have views on these choices, and I expect many people do, now is the time to make your thoughts known to the Council. The consultation closes on 18 December. There are two drop-in sessions with County officers in attendance: Tuesday 12 November from 3.30pm to 6.00pm and Monday 2 December also from 3.30pm to 6.30pm, both in the Music Service Hall at Bayards Hill Primary School, Barton.

Link to Consultation web pages: Click here.