Oxford PCC Hustings

This was my first try at live tweeting an event. I felt I spent too much time head down looking at my phone instead of looking at the candidates, but luckily there were several others adding their impressions.

I’ll write my own report on the evening shortly, but meanwhile here’s a Storify timeline of events as they unfolded.

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5 thoughts on “Oxford PCC Hustings

  1. I guess you were too busy tweeting to realise mine was not just a standard introductory speech. Still you can read it on my web site at http://www.johnhowson.com The lab candidate talks for a living, so you might take that into account when commenting on him as 'the most engaging speaker'. I guess it is all that talking to juries in the Crown court.

  2. Your statement makes more sense on reading than on first hearing. I rather switched off when you seemed to be talking more about education than policing, but at least I now see the point you were making.

    The ability to engage with an audience, whatever the circumstances, is a useful skill even for a PCC candidate. I thought Tim Starkey did it best, others varied from perfectly OK to poor.

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