Parking During Heatpipe Work

With roadworks for the OUH Energy Project (the heatpipe) starting on 28 November, ‘No Parking’ notices have been posted on all the affected roads. The notices say parking is suspended for the whole duration of the works – four and a half months.

Following the inevitable – and fully justified – outcry the Hospital Trust has circulated this statement:

The County Council has put up erroneous notices saying that all parking is banned in all the residential streets for the duration of the Energy Link. This was done for all the right reasons and with the best intentions, but we have now agreed with the parking team that we will inform them 2 weeks in advance of the need to close off parking bays so that there is a “rolling” system and, therefore, as few parking spaces as possible will be closed off at any one time.

One thought on “Parking During Heatpipe Work

  1. Yet another heatpipe cock-up. “Done for all the right reasons”? No, sheer incompetence.

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