Quarry & Risinghurst by-election

There will be a by-election in Quarry & Risinghurst Ward on 18 September following the resignation of Laurence Baxter (Lab), who has taken a teaching job in Prague.

Here are the candidates:


Name Party twitter
GASPER, Julia Margaret English Democrats  
HARBORNE, Katharine Mary Conservative @KatHarborne
MUNKONGE, Chewe Labour @CheweMunkonge
SMITH, Roz LibDem @RosalindRogers
TAYLOR, Liz Green  

In May this year @delia_sinclair held the Ward for Labour with a majority of 392 (18% of the vote) over second-placed Roz Smith (LibDem). Kat Harborne and Liz Taylor both stood as candidates. Outgoing Councillor Laurence Baxter was elected in May 2012 with a majority of 437 (25% of the vote) over second-placed Roz Smith. Julia Gasper, standing for UKIP in that election, was placed 5th and last with 69 votes. To the best of my knowledge Chewe Munkonge has not stood for election in Oxford before.