The JR to Churchill heat transfer scheme

Remember the multi-coloured markings that appeared in and between Sandfield, Latimer and Stapleton Roads back in June (see HH220)? At the Headington Ward Focus meeting on Tuesday 27 October some information was given about the heat transfer scheme for which the markings were in preparation and which will supply the Churchill Hospital with surplus heat from the JR. People at the meeting were told there will be displays and information for residents soon.

Meanwhile, our Applied Thermodynamics Correspondent writes:-

The JR produces surplus heat which can be used by the Churchill, and has received a Government energy fund to lay this 1.5km pipe to transfer spare heat. The temperature drop in transit will be only 1 degree.

The pipe will start behind the women’s centre at the JR and pass along Sandfield Road. It will then cross the London Road. They can lay plates over the London Road to keep it open (one-third of the work is digging up, one-third laying the pipes, and one-third backfilling). It will then go down Latimer Road, cross All Saints Road, and then down Stapleton Road to the Churchill.

Work will start early in 2016, beginning at each end outside the two hospitals. It will take eighteen months in all.

The pipe will be laid in 300 metre sections. The coloured pavements earlier this year revealed that there is already so much pipework under the pavements that the transfer pipe will in places have to go down the middle of the road.