One thought on “A PCC Election spat

  1. I never intimated that Patience Tayo Awe or Geoff Howard were in anyone's pocket. That is clear from my tweets.

    I posted the link because, despite Barrett's withdrawal, there is a distinct possibility that somewhere in the UK there is a similar situation going on, where there is corporate backing for an "independent" PCC candidate. This is obviously worrying, especially for me since I am steadfastly against police privatisation.

    This entire "spat" is purely down to Patience misinterpreting my tweet as being aimed at her in an accusatory manner, which it clearly was not. I chalk it up to miscommunication resulting from the 140 character limit, although I did make it clear from the beginning that I do not harbour even the slightest doubt that her and Geoff are not being backed by any external interest.

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