Headington Headlines #310

Your weekly round-up of local news for 20 – 26 March.

The heatpipe roadworks in Headington’s residential streets have finished and all closures and diversions have been lifted*. Work continues on Churchill Drive, affecting the 700 and 900 bus routes. Stagecoach has published this schedule of diversions.

*Correction – apparently not. Work still happening in All Saints Road!

The ‘missing link’ is the London Road crossing, of which I gave details a month ago. Vital Energi has confirmed that they will be working on this 7 days a week. Weekend working hours will be 0900 – 1600 on Saturdays and 1000 – 1600 on Sundays. The work starts on 3 April and is scheduled to run until 28 April.

All my posts about the project are under the ‘Energy Project’ tab in the main menu, and there’s a page of links and contact details here.

As reported last week, plans for the next roadworks were presented on Thursday: the next phase of Access to Headington will be on The Slade and last for about six months. The latest drawings downloaded from the County’s website are here

A man was stabbed in Barton Road on Tuesday. Three men were arrested; two were later released without charge.

The largest piece of public art in Oxford so far was installed on the Old Road Campus. It is by sculptor Julian Wild and is titled “Origin”.

Photo: Julian Wild

Sadly the other recent public artwork, the Narnia carvings in Bury Knowle Park, were trashed by vandals. The row of small figures alongside Aslan was badly damaged (Mr Tumnus lost his head) and some trees and plants were also targeted.

My favourite Headington-related tweet of the week is this video of the famous can-can legs being installed at the old (Not The) Moulin Rouge in New High Street:

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