Local schools fail at twitter

A chance tweet in my timeline and an email from @headingtonnews got me thinking: how is it that two of our local non-fee-paying schools have twitter accounts they never use? New Marston Primary @NewMarstonPS says its account is “The place for up to date snippets from New Marston Primary School”, but it has never tweeted!

Cheney School @CheneySchool toyed with the idea almost three years ago but must have thought better of it.

It doesn’t stop them saying at the foot of their home page “Follow CheneySchool on Twitter for quick updates about school events & news”. #musttryharder, as we say on twitter. Seriously, I’d have thought the use of social media would be part of a modern curriculum. I expect the children could do better than the school offices! So the accolade goes to @WindmillOxford who run an active account.

This article is about the local state schools (if that’s still the right term). Two Headington private schools @RyeStAntony and @HeadingtonSch are active tweeters too.