The Hospital Energy Project – Summary

The Energy Project – Summary

The OUH NHS Foundation Trust announced this project to the press, local councillors and a few other interested parties on Monday 30 November. They provided much more detailed information than had leaked out before, and I’ve tried to summarise the main facts.

Although the installation of the heat pipe will have a huge impact on Headington for at least six months starting in January, the whole project is much more than just a pair of insulated pipes feeding hot water betweem the JR and Churchill hospitals. Here I describe the full project, the impact of the construction works, and the measures the Trust is setting up to keep everyone informed, listen to and try to answer their concerns.

I’ve written about

  1. The Hospital Energy Project
  2. Installing the heatpipe
  3. Public communications
  4. Financial

each on a separate link.

If you haven’t got much time and don’t want to read all the articles, here’s a summary.

  • The Energy Project is much more than just a pipe between the two hospitals. It’s a major upgrade to the energy systems, and will save the Trust nearly £2m and 11,400 tonnes of carbon emissions a year.
  • The installation of the heat pipe will start early in January and last for six months. Roads will be closed for various periods during that time. Serious disruption is inevitable.
  • The Trust has so far failed to establish meaningful communications with residents and others who will be affected. A public meeting is being arranged for next week which may or may not start a meaningful discussion.

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