Transport Strategy – Headington Action response

Here’s Headington Action’s response to Oxfordshire CC’s Transport consultation (reproduced with permission of Headington Action).

I am writing on behalf of Headington Action in response to the County Council’s public consultation on the Headington Transport Strategy.  Our response is the beginning of what we hope will be a continuing dialogue between Headington Action and the County Council on the development and implementation of a transport strategy for Headington. We have recently formed a Headington- wide Transport Committee and they will represent Headington Action on all transport matters.
I attach a list of suggestions gathered when our Transport Committee started its work. These have not all been discussed and agreed by the Committee, and should not be taken as representing Headington Action’s wish-list, but represent a sample of the concerns voiced by Headington residents about transport issues. I trust you will find them helpful.
There are, however, a number of issues which Headington Action is agreed in wishing to promote. They are as follows:
a.      Peaceful and safe residential streets, with enforcement of speed restrictions and measures to discourage transit traffic from using residential streets as alternatives to established through routes.
b.      Safe and clearly marked bicycle and pedestrian routes, consulting with users over design  [to avoid some of the issues over present cycle lanes].
c.      Continued vigilance that developments at major employment centres do not unduly increase the traffic burden borne by Headington.
d.      Investigation of at least some long-distance bus routes exiting Oxford by routes other than Headington.
e.      Bus services need to be considered in the light of the whole city’s needs, and not just those of Headington in isolation. Better communications between different parts of the city is clearly desirable. A particular concern for Headington is the need for better articulation of bus services – eg those on a bus from Woodstock Rdwishing to access Headington need to walk from Magdalen St to Castle St or Queens Lane.
f.        Measures to encourage car-sharing – priority to shared cars for on-street parking at signed locations.
g.      Full and proper consideration to introduction of ‘shared space’ measures at key interchanges (central Headington; Old Road/Windmill Road crossing).
I would be grateful if you would ensure that these issues are fully addressed during the preparation and implementation of the Headington Transport Strategy.
This table of wishes was attached: Download table (pdf)